March… When shit hit the fan. This year was so weird (and scary). Time was strange. It flies by so fast or went terribly slow. In general, strangely enough, this year passed by so quickly. Do you feel the same?

Thinking styles

You may be giving yourself negative messages about yourself. (Many people do.) Pay attention to them. As you become aware of your negative thoughts, you may be able to try turning them into positive ones❤ Here’s a challenge for you – Can you catch yourself using any of these thinking styles? What are your unhelpful …

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Self care bingo

Hoe gaat het vandaag met de zelfzorg? Who’s in? Share this self care bingo sheet in your stories/post and mark (fill?) it up💜 It’s okay if you can’t mark all of it today, reminder to yourself that you did the best you could and that is good enough.🌱 If you tag me in it I …

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Making decisions

When you think you made a decision, but then you don’t. Or when you trust other people’s opinions more than your own. Always second-guessing yourself. Having a hard time making decisions, no matter how small they might be. Often finding yourself wavering between choices for long periods of time, unable to make up your own …

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It went great

I feel very insecure about the body. Ik worstel met zichtbaarheid. (Vooral in zo’n mega grote gymzaal) Maar ik vond het heel fijn en waardeer het enorm dat ik mee mocht doen in een rustige groep die me de ruimte geven te mogen ontdekken, leren en voelen.❤

Face masks

Getting breakouts wearing face mask.😷 Do you also have this? Is it weird not to participate with the “yes / no facemasks” opinions? 🤷‍♀️ I just do it, feel little resistance. (As if I don’t have an opinion about it. Maybe old trauma mechanism related or so. That I don’t dare to have an opinion …

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Did that period go by quickly or slowly? Sometimes time can feel so weird in lockdown. But for me, this happens on a daily basis, even before covid-19. Do you sometimes experience that time feels so strange? ❤ You’re not alone in this.