Being scared

It’s also okay if you suddenly want to drastically change your appearance, like dyeing your hair crazy colors or so haha (as it’s a response to what’s going on inside.) For feeling safe or (more) in control. Remember your feelings are real and valid. ❤

Bad days

So yesterday I suddenly drew a lot and by surprise it all came out smoothly, but today everything feels stuck (again) and can do nothing haha so weird. (Can’t even watch a serie, read a book, drink a cup of tea, getting fresh air on the balcony, etc) While I started the day being (and …

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Days like these

Telling myself it’s okay… It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. What you feel, what you want, what you try, what you (want to) do. I’m taking a (social) media break. I notice that all these corona-virus posts are making me very anxious and also making me feel worse than I already do. Take care/stay safe …

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Not to worry

Ik had eerst de tekst “Trust your body” voor deze illustratie, maar hoorde plots een zinnetje steeds naar voren komen: “I do the best I can not to worry about things” (Air – The Vagabond) en vond dit eigenlijk ook wel iets toepasselijker.

Today is tough

Hoe gaat het met jou vandaag? / How are you today? If nobody has asked you recently, I hope you’re doing okay? And if you’re not okay, I hope you know your feelings are valid.❤ You matter!