March… When shit hit the fan. This year was so weird (and scary). Time was strange. It flies by so fast or went terribly slow. In general, strangely enough, this year passed by so quickly. Do you feel the same?

Thinking styles

You may be giving yourself negative messages about yourself. (Many people do.) Pay attention to them. As you become aware of your negative thoughts, you may be able to try turning them into positive ones❤ Here’s a challenge for you – Can you catch yourself using any of these thinking styles? What are your unhelpful …

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Self care bingo

Hoe gaat het vandaag met de zelfzorg? Who’s in? Share this self care bingo sheet in your stories/post and mark (fill?) it up💜 It’s okay if you can’t mark all of it today, reminder to yourself that you did the best you could and that is good enough.🌱 If you tag me in it I …

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Constant mood

Constant mood. Who can relate?❤ I think COVID-19 is causing a dramatic rise in panic/anxiety attacks as people are increasingly worried about their physical and mental health. Since some of the symptoms like difficulty breathing and tightness or pressure in the chest are similar to COVID-19 symptoms, you may immediately worry that you’re ill with …

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Nothing but exist

Some days all you can do is breathe and that’s okay. You’re allowed rest. You are allowed to have an off day (or two, or more, etc). Don’t be so hard on yourself.❤ If today, all you did was hold yourself together, I am proud of you. Take care of yourself.❤

No motivation

Monday-no-motivation-day. And that’s okay too. Actually, I have already done a lot today haha, (I woke up very early for once) but didn’t do the things I would like to do. There’s still time left in this day, so everything is possibl..Nah, tired and uninspired. Who’s with me?