Rock bottom

when you think you hit rock bottom
[Edit: June 19, 2023:] thought that 2022 would be my lowest point, but it’s definitely this year…❤️‍🩹🖤

[I wrote this on February 13, 2023 (original post):]
Hey! Long time no see. How are you hanging in there? Let me know in the comments below!

For me:
2022: definitely an oh no.
2023: for sure going to be an oh wow.

I thought 2022 was my lowest point, mentally. that I had completely reached rock bottom, which was not good. So depressed that self care was non existent. But apparently it could go even deeper than I thought, at the end of 2022 the fear was whether I would make it to 2023. Physically this time. However, luckily there was a turnaround (well, switch) in January 2023 and I suddenly feel more positive about life.

But hey, why do I always feel like when something (or life) is going well (or a bit better than before), something bad is about to come. (which unfortunately happened…) But we’re still standing, hanging, dangling on a string. We climb back up little by little. It will take some time…

Can you relate the feeling when life is going (too) well, you feel as if something bad is going to happen?

And or can you relate this drawing? (I couldn’t find the person who made the meme (for giving the credits), so please do let me know and I will add it. But with memes it’s hard to find the owner of it.) And since the style (of many artists) nowadays is to recreate tiktok videos (by doing so: animated or with comics) and I’m always far behind the trends etc, that it will probably also come. In 2033. Haha just kidding.

Anyway I want to thank you so much for still sticking around with me here. Please, don’t forget to comment and *share. (this one or other drawings). *See buttons below this post. I can really use your support! And seriously, it would mean the world to me.❤❤❤

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