Rock bottom

[Edit: June 19, 2023:] thought that 2022 would be my lowest point, but it’s definitely this year…❤️‍🩹🖤 [I wrote this on February 13, 2023 (original post):] Hey! Long time no see. How are you hanging in there? Let me know in the comments below! For me: 2022: definitely an oh no. 2023: for sure going …

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FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out) Ik merk dat ik er soms last van heb. Heb jij daar ook weleens last van? En is het in deze tijd extra zwaar voor je, of juist fijn omdat er toch niets is om te missen? Let me know! Jeeehh extra: Als achtergrond voor op je gsm ofzo. Ik …

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(Hover with the cursor on the image for English or when on the phone tap and hold the image) Inner dissagreement. Anxiety, shame, etc. I know it needs time, balance and patience. We have to co-operate. Try being gentle with yourself.❤ URGHFJBNJX Dit dus posten vind ik al doodeng. De neiging om nu te verdwijnen, …

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2020 is almost over

What happened? It was a complete blank vs. full panic /ptsd mode on, expecting the worst that possibly could happen. Can you relate? At this time of year there will be a lot of posts with people sharing how much they achieved in 2020 (during pandemic times etc) Everyone has their own achievements but for …

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Constant mood

Constant mood. Who can relate?❤ I think COVID-19 is causing a dramatic rise in panic/anxiety attacks as people are increasingly worried about their physical and mental health. Since some of the symptoms like difficulty breathing and tightness or pressure in the chest are similar to COVID-19 symptoms, you may immediately worry that you’re ill with …

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Not to worry

Ik had eerst de tekst “Trust your body” voor deze illustratie, maar hoorde plots een zinnetje steeds naar voren komen: “I do the best I can not to worry about things” (Air – The Vagabond) en vond dit eigenlijk ook wel iets toepasselijker.

anxiety build up

Ok, so bizarre story: I have drawn this comic a little while back and the plan was to post this past weekend. With a caption explaining how anxiety builds up and that maybe I was exaggerating a bit about how I visualised this comic. ( maybe.. Just maybe a teeny tiny bit 😉 .) But …

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