(Hover with the cursor on the image for English or when on the phone tap and hold the image) DID life be like… inner-disagreeing on the cookies and switching a lot. (Poor Joost, Am so sorry 😀 xxx lufff you. You can have the cook-“NO YOU CAN’T!” But seriously, you can. It’s ok)

Can’t remember

I don’t remember that much Before TRTC. That’s a good thing(?) haha. But now I have to force myself to remember things… It’s about an intake list for perhaps a new therapist. But she also has a long waiting list and therefore a ‘patient stop’. But small beginnings… Sorry for crappy English.


Got plenty (comic) ideas, just can’t draw them out. Always feeling a pressure… For example; to draw. But it’s never good enough. I know this pressure thingy is going on inside. Some parts really put on the pressure and raise the bar. So was thinking: Let’s not force it, draw some Q&A answers. (because it …

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Diary struggles

Me: starting a diary so you can read what’s going on and remember things. Like two or three days fanaticly writing in it and then just forgot I had a diary. A year later suddenly: “Oh yeah I have to write this stuff down, it’s important”, but having a big gap with nothing in it …

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Speak up, speak out

Waarom post ik de laatste tijd zo nu en dan in het Engels? Nou ja, soms overkomt het me dat je bijvoorbeeld plots de Nederlandse taal niet meer kent of begrijpt. Niet meer uit je woorden kunnen komen, je niet verstaanbaar kan maken. Soms beter in het Engels, soms ook gewoon helemaal niet. Sorry dat …

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Core beliefs

I used to hide the body behind baggy shirts and xxxxxl hoodies when I gained a lot of weight again. Disliked (and afraid) to go outside and just wanted to cancel all (fun) events to distance myself from others, because I was (am) too scared of them for what they might see or think (of …

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Trying to understand

Again something completely different… And again written in crappy English haha, sorry. Hope this can be helpful for you. Trying to talk to your inner child (or inner critic). For the inner critic: Remind yourself of all the reasons that you can be interesting and fun or would be a good friend or partner. For …

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