(no) wasted time

(Hover the cursor over the image to see the English version; on the phone tap and hold the image to change the image) Ik wil iedereen bedanken (je weet wel wie) die me helpen met meezoeken, meedenken en tips geven. Helaas heb ik weer te horen gekregen dat behandelplekken (centrums) niemand meer aannemen, vanwege te …

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What’s wrong?

I’ve experienced some weird stuff this weekend. So I have chronic pain on a daily basis. (Years ago it was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.) But I’m finding out if it’s related to trauma. (and that’s hard scary work) I’m trying to find out more about where this daily pain comes from. (usually it’s at night, you …

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Dit probeerden we uit te leggen aan de nieuwe therapeut. Ik vertelde over de situatie dat ik opstond en bijna de katheter eruit trok. Ik probeerde haar uit te leggen dat een deel in mij soms veel (lichaams)pijn voelt; soms is het alsof ik dit lichaam helemaal niet voel. Niks voelen. Geen pijn. Of gewoon …

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(Hover with the cursor on the image for English or when on the phone tap and hold the image) Inner dissagreement. Anxiety, shame, etc. I know it needs time, balance and patience. We have to co-operate. Try being gentle with yourself.❤ URGHFJBNJX Dit dus posten vind ik al doodeng. De neiging om nu te verdwijnen, …

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Did that period go by quickly or slowly? Sometimes time can feel so weird in lockdown. But for me, this happens on a daily basis, even before covid-19. Do you sometimes experience that time feels so strange? ❤ You’re not alone in this.

Ocean of feelings

Comic idea by @theadientvoid, thank you so much for sharing.❤ “Like the rain, these feelings will pass”, but what if the rain is so heavy it engulfs everything and you feel like you’re drowning, so you put those feelings in a box and eventually create a whole ocean of feelings inside you… How are you …

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A grounding method

Did you already know about this grounding technique? Do you ever use it? Does it work for you? Or do you have other grounding exercises? Please share it with us❤ The 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique: For each step, either write, think, or say aloud the sensations you’re observing. – 5 things you can see right now. …

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