Dear self

Dear self - illustration

I had a doctor’s appointment for an examination of a certain body part (confronting stuff). After this examination I suddenly started to cry what startled me. “Don’t!” “Not now!” “Don’t cry in the middle of an explanation from the doctor” “It’s rude, you have to pay attention!” “Don’t cry for something stupid”. “It’s just a quick, easy examination.” “Come on!”

The doctor asked if I was okay, okay to leave. Yep! Yes no problem! I immediately planned a distraction by going shopping for groceries. It took me hours to get back home. And then it hits me; I saw this old mechanism not allowing myself to feel… So dear self, you are allowed to feel. Your feelings are valid. It is okay to have all kinds of feelings. Even if you don’t understand it (yet) why you have these feelings. It is ALL okay!❤

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