Little fighter

little fighter - illustration

Fighting your own (invisible) battle every day is tough, I see you.🖤
Sometimes it feels like an impossible battle to fight, but we are still here doing just that; fighting!
Here we stand, trying to move forward, one day at a time.🖤
Keep on fighting!

PS: do you like these kind of drawings? I won’t forget the comics though, it’s just that lately I can’t find the energy (and inner peace) to make them.
Have a good weekend everyone!❤

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Eén reactie

  1. Hey little fighter! Yeah, not giving up is always a good idea. We all try it! And sometimes its really difficult. I know! But you only have one life to experience all the beautiful things around. Unfortunately there are also a lot of bad things happening around us. But remember: we didn’t ask to be born. And the fact that we are here makes that we can experience a lot of very beautiful things. So let’s try to enjoy it as much as we can without hurting others. That’s about the way I see it.
    So take good care of yourself little fighter, and go on making your beautiful drawings. The cartoons are lovely but the drawings you make now are wonderful also, in my opinion!
    Try to be a bit happy, you deserve it!!!

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