In the mud

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[edit: Ah no! Made a spelling mistake😭 Comic panel 3 “tring” = trying. “It’s like you’re trying to move through thick mud and think through think fog.”]

The quiet strength and fortitude of continuing on…

It’s like everyone around you is travelling at twice the speed and you’re in a dream where you’re stuck in the mud. It’s exhausting. It’s like wanting to do everything but wanting to do nothing at all. It’s like wanting to do stuff but not having the energy to do so. It’s being afraid to lose your best friends but not having the energy to hang out with them. It’s sitting in your bed at 3AM worrying about the future you don’t even want to have. It feels like emotional fatigue and exhaustion, like you are simply too tired to continue. But I promise, you absolutely can. Reach out to a friend, family member, or a mental health professional. Odds are, you’re not alone.🖤

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