Trying to understand

explaining / comforting - illustration Again something completely different… And again written in crappy English haha, sorry. Hope this can be helpful for you. Trying to talk to your inner child (or inner critic). For the inner critic: Remind yourself of all the reasons that you can be interesting and fun or would be a good friend or partner. For the inner child: take care of him/her and treating with respect and love. Acknowledge the inner child and listen to him of her. You can do by saying: “I love you, I hear you, I’m sorry you feel this way”, etc.
What would you say to your younger self?

xplaining bad mood triggers - illustration
It’s about getting triggered and having some nasty flashbacks from the past. Someone is scared, doesn’t understand the situation, thinks it’s unsafe because of what she’s been through and doesn’t knows any better than bad moods can be dangerous. But telling her that not everyone with a bad mood is violent/unsafe. And I think it’s also about negative core beliefs about yourself (and discovering them) Do you know what your negative core beliefs are? Acknowledge feelings, don’t ignore them. What’s going on? Try to understand why you have these feelings/thoughts. They’re all valid and real. By allowing them you can learn to understand it better. (Ask yourself things like what am I feeling, why am I feeling this, where is it coming from? etc.)

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